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Professional Equine Liability

Equine Liability can be tailored for all your equine professional needs. Whether you are an independent riding instructor, trainer, or clinician, we can provide you with the coverage you need. We also work with many riding clubs, horse shows and associations throughout the New England area. 

Types of Equine Liability Coverage

Commercial Equine General Liability

Coverage for professionals who conduct equine-related business such as training, teaching, boarding, breeding, and more.

  • Riding Instructor

  • Horse Trainer

  • Clinicians

  • Riding Schools/Camps

  • Show Coaches

  • Therapeutic

Care, Custody, or Control

Additional coverage to those who accept responsibility of the Care, Custody, or Control of others horses, such as boarding or training horses. Protects the policy owner in an event where non-owned horse(s) are injured or killed due to the insured’s and/or the insured’s staff negligence.

Horse Show Liability

Third-party liability coverage to members of Horse Show Organizations.

Third-party liability coverage to members of Riding and Hunt Clubs. This coverage offers protection for owned or leased premises, public events, and a variety of club functions.

Riding Clubs, Hunt Clubs


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